Stax Diner

I remember the first time I went to Stax Diner.

’twas the beginning of my career along with my friend from school, in 2014. We worked near each other in Soho. We had decided to meet up for lunch and researched online for some Halal eatery. And thats when we came across Halal Girl About Town and came across Stax Diner.

We called in advance to see if we can reserve a table for two, to which we could not, but was politely told that there are tables and will be within the next 15 minutes. And she was right. The food was actually really good! The burger melted in your mouth, exploding with juicy unhealthy fatiness. Unhealthy, but damn tasty.

And since, I have frequented it several times and made it known among my peers.

After a long while, my friend and I had this crave of having a burger from Stax Diner. I called in advance, to be greeted by an automated operator. I tried Twitter, but I had no luck either. So we risked and walked to the venue in Kingly Court, only to be “kindly” (kindly in quotation marks, because it certainly was NOT kindly but rather rudely) told that we had to wait an X amount of time till there are seats available. Since we ventured out to eat at Stax Diners, we accepted defeat and waited.

After the wait was over, we were “kindly” directed to the corner of the restaurant where there was not any space for a newborn, but enough space for two grown adult men to be seated. With enough discomfort, we both sat down. I was quite hangry at the time, so “quickly” called the waitress over and ordered the food. I requested that whatever was cooked first to come straight away to my stomach. I meant, my “table”, if you can call it that.

Lo and behold! 30 minutes had passed and no food! The waitresses saw my face with delight, by avoiding all eye contact. Must say, the service was exquisite! Finally the food came over, with no apology or even a word.

For the first time I ordered chicken and waffle with maple syrup. It was quite nice, minus the lack of chicken and numerous amounts of batter. But if you can pass that, it was very well cooked. Not dry, moist and very tasty! The burgers we ordered were very cold. My friend begrudging ate his, but I did not! I insisted the waitresses to give me a burger that they would serve a human. Meaning a cooked and hot burger. I may be stretching the truth. Well I am. It was only the buns that were really cold, but the meat itself was lukewarm.

I was then, again, without an apology or even a word, served my (probably microwaved) burger. ’twas not what I remembered, but something far, far worse.

The fries ordered seemed like the leftovers of previous customers leftovers, refried especially for us. I nearly broke a tear for such thoughtfulness.

Once the meal was over, I then called over the waitress and clearly stating “May I please have the bill WITHOUT the service charge”. She was baffled! Confused! As though I was speaking in a foreign indiscernible language. She carefully replied “I’m sorry, what?”. She said “What?”, what do you mean what what? So, this time I slowly repeated what I had said. Without asking anything after the repetition, she walked off, spent a few minutes translating the sacred statements to her liege. And eventually “passed” on the bill to us.

I must say, no one was pleased to know that I had requested to remove the service charge. On our way out of the restaurant, we were “kindly” ignored by each and every member of staff. Unfortunately for the person who let us in and made us wait for the table, she was blocking our path to the exit by accident. Incredulously, she tried to get out of the way without being seen or trying to make any contact just like her comrades.

She failed.

Like a lamb to the slaughter, she gave looked upon us, with some eyes of that apparently showed “kindness”. And we then hurried off.

To Stax Diner, if you’re reading this, you have fallen so low that I believe you could not care less. With the “quality” of service (if it can be considered service) and the food itself, I guess you are riding on the waves of past popularity. I hope you close down soon as you deserve to. Or, maybe go back to your roots and provide the quality of food and service that you once had. That’s the problem when you become arrogant. But with arrogance come’s a price, which I think you are willing to pay.

To prospective customers, if you would like to eat good food and served as you should, please do not visit this place.

I would rate this “not going to go again/10”.


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