Kew Gardens

Having lived in London all my life and NOT having visited Kew Gardens came to as a shock to me. And that I do like nature and nature photography; how did I miss this goldmine? I do not know.

But going during the winter season, perhaps was not the best of ideas, but my curiosity and impatience got to the better of me.

Yes, to some extend I do regret going, as I would’ve thoroughly enjoyed it when all the flowers were blooming and it was a sunny day. Though hoping for the latter is hoping for a lot when in London.

I had the best of luck of having it rain on this day and nearly all the attractions closed. Funnily enough, it did not stop from people visiting. Those adamant holiday goers, treading on-wards with a smile to not regret not visiting an apparent iconic site. I guess I would do the same if I were to visit another country, though the luxury of having it close by, perhaps led me to be complacent and to not even think of visiting.

The greenhouse itself was rather steamy. Very humid to keep the inhabitants alive, which is fair, but my camera had slight, momentary new feature. Foggy lens.

They had a small aquarium at the basement of the greenhouse, surprisingly there were some actual movement besides the sea leaves and flowers. Behold and be amazed by the glistening blue eyes.

I may try again to see the Garden at its full glory during spring/summer. Perhaps then, would I fully appreciate what is on offer.

Though I think charging people FULL PRICE regardless of which time of year you’re visiting is quite unfair, since nearly everything was closed and nature hibernating away minus the glasshouses. They should price accordingly.


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