Tombo Cafe

This was a place where one my old colleague-turned-friend, had taken me as I do love  desserts and do love matcha.

So far, I have been there twice.

The first visit was quite nice – a very relaxing, chilled place where one can eat and enjoy their time spent with friends, talking away without any interruptions. The desserts themselves were brilliant, although the matcha tart was a bit off. That’s when the problem walked in. I asked the waitress why it had gone off and all she said was “I’ll tell the chef” and simply walked away. This did irritate me, but we (my friends) did not want to the evening to be spoiled by a moody waitress.

Back to the desserts themselves. I have completely forgotten what the  name of the dessert was on the far left. It looked exciting but didn’t live up to its appearance. Wouldn’t order again.

The tart unfortunately did not taste as it should have. But the matcha ice cream sundaes were rather nice. Not too hard, but not entirely soft, smooth, with a lovely  combination of mochi and adzuki beans, subtle matcha brownie and date syrup, and granola to soak up the remaining ice cream.

Oh and that matcha gateux! So so good! It was probably the best out on that day. Smooth, melts in your mouth with an ironically exploding subtle taste, where it just grows more and more on you!

I actually enjoyed it so much that I came back for round 2 later on. I braved up the tart and ordered the same desserts but replacing the one on the far left with a matcha shortcake – which was not nice either. Funny isn’t it, I changed one that I didn’t like fir another that I didn’t like.

The tart. Good lord! It was exquisite! Amazing! Absolutely amazing! Unfortunately we had bought the last one on that day, we wished we could buy more! We had rather envious looks from other customers, as had 5 desserts and they were sensible and ordered 2… Oh and that rude annoying waitress was there. Just being her annoying self. Gosh do I find her so irritating. If you don’t like your job, I think it’s time for a change…

For pricing, it does not clearly reflect value for money, but as all things matcha and Japanese, it is rather expensive for what it is. But still worth visit!

We went to the Soho branch, but for more details you can have a look at their website –


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