As some may have already known that Cyanogen have ended their development of their popular ROM. However, someone else has picked up where Cyanogen left off – LineageOS.

Recently I have been pestering my friend to install a custom ROM on his outdated OnePlus One. He had sever issues – laggy, bad battery life, GPS issues and a few other bugs that he had resigned himself to. But fear not I (or to  be precise, LineageOS) came to my friends rescue!

One of the plus sides of the ROM is that you will receive nightly builds, every Monday there is a new update out in regards to issues find out by the community. Not something like Samsung would do.

We did an Antutu benchmark test before and after the update with nearly the exact same applications and data stored.

Cyanogenmod 13.1:


After the update:


A clear improvement on how the RAM and CPU are used and optimised. The changes were instant on first use, lightning fast in comparison to CM 13.1. Much more fluid, more battery life and obviously current –  Nougat. All in all, nearly an 11% improvement!

There were issues such as Pokemon Go not working at all, but the nightly build addressed that issue and solved it! Happy days.

It has indeed given more life to a 3 year old phone and saved money at the same time. If you are running an old phone, OR have a laggy ROM currently with few updates *cough*Samsung*cough*, then I would recommend installing this.

Check their official site to see if your device is supported –

Obviously you would need to have rooted your device first in order to install any custom ROM. And don’t forget the Google essentials (i.e. Play Store)

Unfortunately, there is no support for Samsung Galaxy S6 as of yet…Tis a shame.

Kind of off topic – my Antutu benchmark result of my Samsung Galaxy S6. I was expecting something near 100,000. I LOL at the result. Don’t forget OnePlus One is a 2014 phone and the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a 2015 phone.


Seems like Samsung is great at being completely useless. Or its my random luck. Not.


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