“She Was Pretty”

After watching some anime (Food Wars) and playing a a game (Fallout 3) I was in the mood  watching a Korean rom-com drama. The Koreans are very good at their dramas, and songs. Really good.

Two of my favourite Korean dramas to date are – “Misaeng” and “The Masters Sun”. Both are equally brilliant. Read up on it.

So I was looking for something to those standards, but it’s hard to find many that can meet them. “She Was Pretty” seemed like a risk worth taking; however, the plot-line seemed rather weak, but I gave it a show anyways.

To my surprise, (even though I was right about the plot-line being weak) it was rather good. It’s like a slow uphill ride, but then all of a sudden everything comes crashing, falling into place. A mixture of emotions.

I’m a sort of person that doesn’t want to tell you the details, or the summary; it’s best to savour the unknown and try and find out yourself.

If you like Korean drama, or rom-coms in general, give this a shot. You won’t regret it. No, Seriously.

Ooooooh! Any my FAVOURITE song of the series. Such a happy song xD So uplifting!!

Happy watching 😀


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