MCM Comic Con October 2015

A rather late blog, albeit it has nearly been 2 years since my last? And I have A LOT of content to go through. At times, I wonder why I do this to myself….

Anyways, back to the post in hand – this has, as always, been an excellent visit. They’ve actually started listening to their customers (Gasp! Shock! Horror! I thought that was taboo in this capitalist society) and had a much more pleasant and efficient system. No more waiting for couple of hours. Yay.

But I didn’t mind really. The whole reason I have been paying for a ticket is because of the people –  the atmosphere. Everyone here has common interests and are pretty damn cool about it. Calm, relaxed, kind, friendly – if only the real world was like this. Though, this sort of psychological analysis can be discussed at a later date.

There has been some outstanding cosplayers and luckily I had taken a picture of the EuroCosplay winner of 2015 by accident! But I stop anyone who catches my eye. They took the effort to make it, the least I can do is ask for a photo!

This WordPress theme does take up a lot of space for these embedded images.. I was hoping to several more images to show some more awesome cosplays! Heck, why not just let you scroll 🙂

Breathtaking. Absolutely amazing.

In memory of Deadpool… he was so young when it happened….

Those eyes O.O They looked through my soul

Any Star Wars fans? Good shot, isn’t it? If I say so myself.

And to finish off with a bang – a crossdressing Makise Kurisu from Steis;Gate. I genuinely thought he was a girl. No. Seriously.


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